Anaren's First-Time Exhibit at LIGHTFAIR 2013 Will Feature the Company's New Wireless Solutions for Lighting Applications

SYRACUSE, N.Y., April 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anaren, Inc. (Nasdaq:ANEN) today announced that its Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) team will exhibit at LIGHTFAIR 2013 in Philadelphia, April 23-25 (booth 3754). More specifically, the company's range of lighting-appropriate, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI)-based AIR modules will be featured -- as well as the company's new Anaren Control Solutions offering, which features Ephesus Lighting Inc.'s new wireless lighting control device, the Ephesus BlackBox, and the Arena Series, LED luminaire designed specifically for stadiums and arenas. A provider of high-frequency technologies for space, defense, wireless infrastructure, and wireless consumer electronics applications, Anaren is now introducing its RF expertise in lighting and other building systems markets, where wireless controls and sensors are increasingly being deployed.

"We believe wireless controls, and what I'd refer to as 'fixture feedback' capabilities, will play an increasingly important role in future generations of lighting systems," said Anaren's Corporate Business Development Manager, Mark Bowyer. "Accordingly, Anaren is committed to providing solutions in this and related vertical segments, leveraging our deep RF know-how to help OEMs and end-customers alike reduce their system deployment costs, cut energy costs, and even ease post-installation maintenance."

Bowyer added that "the company's AIR modules are already providing several lighting customers with a low-cost, low-energy radio alternative — while new Anaren Control Solutions are affording significant advantages to customers on the software side." Case in point, Anaren's booth will feature a wirelessly enabled LED lighting solution from its customer Ephesus Lighting, Inc. — a Syracuse, NY-based manufacture of state-of-theart, intelligent LED fixtures and lighting systems.

"The Ephesus BlackBox will empower stadium and arena owners and operators like never before," says Joe Casper, President of Ephesus. "The days of managing lights from stadium booths and a lag time between a button being pressed and the light responding will soon become a thing of the past. Arena and stadium spectators, as well as TV viewers, will now be able to watch a world-class event that is simply brilliant in terms of clarity. The Ephesus BlackBox offers the user an opportunity to deliver an experience that outshines all others, with real-time dynamic scene changes from a simple handheld device."

Also being demonstrated at the Anaren booth will be an AIR-compatible ZigBee Light Link solution from TI based on the CC2530 ZigBee system-on-chip. The demo will feature different methods of wirelessly controlling several OSRAM color LED light discs, each equipped with Anaren A2530 modules and running TI's Z-Stack™ Lighting software. Based on user feedback, Anaren and TI may also consider the demo as a prelude to a commercially available evaluation/development tool — akin to the "out of the box RF" experiences achieved when the two companies collaborated on their CC2530 (ZigBee) and CC110L (sub-1 GHz RF) BoosterPack development kits.

Finally, the Anaren booth will feature the Pi-Lit traffic guidance system for highway safety and traffic control — from PiVariables. Developed with assistance from Silicon Valley-based Koliada, Inc., this patented system features an A2530R24AZ1 AIR module, running proprietary firmware in a mesh network. These battery-powered, self-sequencing units provide for easier deployment, maintenance, and control in barricade light applications; there is no limit to the number of units that may be placed in an "array"; and the units may be stretched along a highway for miles or used for a few hundred meters.

Parties interested in learning more about AIR modules, Anaren Control Solutions for lighting applications, or any of the applications being featured at LIGHTFAIR 2013 are encouraged to visit the Anaren booth #3754.


Anaren designs, manufactures and sells complex microwave signal distribution networks and components for the wireless communications, satellite communications and defense electronics markets. For more information, visit the company's website at www.anaren.com.


Ephesus Lighting Inc. is focused on creating a brighter future for our people, our customers and the communities we serve. We do that by creating more exciting, more productive, and safer environments for people to live, play and work in by building lighting solutions that combine the world's best technologies with an uncompromising commitment to innovative, insight-driven engineering. We design and manufacture intelligent LED lighting solutions for application into the Industrial, Sporting, Commercial, Educational and Municipal markets. Our products are manufactured in NY State. Learn more at http://www.ephesuslighting.com.


The unique Pi-Lit traffic guidance system was developed by PiVariables with product-development support from Koliada, a full service product development house based in Silicon Valley. For more details on the Pi-Lit, see www.pivariables.com.

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