Anaren Launches New Family Of High-Power Passive Components

Anaren Launches New Xingers

Syracuse, NY | October 20, 2015 – Anaren, Inc. announced today that it has developed and introduced a family of passive RF components specifically designed for high-energy RF applications, such as the new generation of ‘smart’ microwave ovens that refine how the RF energy employed in cooking is more precisely directed and modulated for improved cooking results. The family of 2.4GHz components is currently comprised of two Xinger®-brand 3dB hybrid couplers (XEC24E-03G and XEC24A6-03G), one Xinger 30dB directional coupler (XEC24P3-30G), and a flanged, AIN termination (G300N50W4) optimized to work with the aforementioned couplers. All operate in the 2.4-2.5GHz ISM band; offer a compact package size that saves space relative to their PCB-printed alternatives; and handle 300watts (except for the XEC24A6-03G, which handles 600W).

“While Anaren’s high-performance RF components have been, frankly, overkill for today’s fairly simplistic and low-cost microwave cooking systems, we see an excellent opportunity and fit for our expertise and advanced technology in emerging RF energy segments like next-gen, smart microwave ovens,” said Hans Peter Ostergaard, Director of Business Development, Wireless Group. “Here, attributes we bring to the table like small package sizes, difficult to achieve electrical characteristics like low loss and built-in heat dissipation, and long-term durability will be much appreciated by appliance manufacturers looking to introduce feature-rich and fully differentiated end-products to sophisticated end-users.”

Ostergaard added that the components are also well-suited to industrial and commercial lighting applications, select automotive tasks, and defense applications where high-power handling and robust packaging are required.

Design engineers interested in learning more about Anaren’s new family of high-energy passive components are encouraged to visit the company’s website at www.anaren.com.


Anaren, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells custom high-frequency solutions and standard components for the wireless communications, space and defense electronics, wireless consumer electronics, and IoT markets.

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