Anaren Develops sub-1 GHz Wireless Connectivity Module and BoosterPack for Texas Instruments

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Dec. 1, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anaren, Inc. (Nasdaq:ANEN) announced today a new sub-1 GHz radio frequency (RF) module, based on the CC110L sub-1 GHz value line transceiver from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). Additionally, Anaren has developed TI's RF BoosterPack plug-in-board, containing the CC110L-based module, which is compatible with TI's MSP430™ microcontroller (MCU) Value Line LaunchPad development kit. The new A110LR09A modulebased 430BOOST-CC110L RF BoosterPack, available today from TI and authorized distributors, provides electronic devices and equipment designers with a speedy and facile way to develop and test wireless solutions using the popular MSP430 LaunchPad environment. The A110LR09A module is a high-performance, dual-band FCC-certified and ETSI-compliant radio module that incorporates TI's CC110L low-cost transceiver chip in the industry's smallest package (9 x 16 x 2.5 mm). Operating in the ISM bands at 868/915MHz, the A110LR09A is well-suited for applications such as sensor networks, industrial monitoring and controls, home and building automation solutions, remote control toys, among many others.

Parallel to this initiative in which Anaren will supply its CC110L-based AIR modules to TI, Anaren will also be offering its own line of AIR-equipped BoosterPacks, featuring many of the company's other AIR modules (including A1101R08A, A2500R24A and A1101R09A).

"We're pleased to be supplying our AIR module equipped CC110L BoosterPack in support of TI's exciting MSP430 LaunchPad initiative," said Mark Bowyer, business development manager for AIR with Anaren's Wireless Group. "We view the opportunity as a validation of our AIR module technology and are confident the ease-of-use value proposition of our AIR product line is a strong match for the novel and ingenious design environment TI is achieving with the MSP430 LaunchPad."

Bowyer added that "each new AIR-module BoosterPack will also include Anaren's new 'BoosterStack' software solution" which allows customers using the kit to leverage Anaren's ATC (Air Traffic Control) GUI showing real-time monitoring of RF performance. Anaren's BoosterStack source code will also be made available, so prospective customers can easily leverage BoosterStack code in their own applications.

"The software we're developing to support our AIR line and demonstrate the strength of TI's sub-1 GHz low-power RF chips is another step in our effort to simplify the design and widespread use of low-power RF," said Bowyer. "Everything we do in both hardware and software is aimed at minimizing risk of implementation and maximizing link robustness for this emerging technology."

As with all AIR modules, Anaren's A110LR09A AIR module is designed to help OEMs challenged with adding wireless capability to new or existing devices.

E-OEM design engineers interested in learning more or securing applications assistance are encouraged to contact Anaren, the nearest TI sales representative, or their nearest AIR distributor of choice (Arrow, Avnet, or Mouser).


An innovative leader in microwave and RF technology, Anaren designs and manufactures complex components and subsystems for the consumer electronics, wireless infrastructure, defense, and satellite markets.

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