Wireless Monitoring System

The next generation of wireless monitoring is here

Experience the latest in remote monitoring technology with Anaren's Wireless Monitoring Kit for Food Safety.

The ideal HACCP monitoring solution for food safety professionals

Anaren's Wireless Monitoring Kit is the most complete temperature monitoring solution in the industry. Harness an end-to-end solution with Anaren, monitoring equipment while food is stored, and viewing temperature data and reports on the cloud.

Take action today and protect your assets

With the Wireless Monitoring Kit, you have a universal temperature monitoring solution that uses nationwide cellular networks to send sensor-based text messages and data over-the-air to your mobile phone, all while providing cloud support.

Wireless monitoring in real time, all the time

Easily deployed, highly reliable, and cost-effective, this system monitors your facilities, equipment, and inventory 24/7 based on the factors and settings important to you.

Get notifications sent right to your phone

Should something go wrong, an immediate text message alert is sent to you through the system's cellular network, allowing you to take the steps to fix the problem and protect your valuable assets.

Store temperature data on the cloud

Data is continuously recorded and stored on the cloud for analysis, reporting, and preventative maintenance assistance. It's never been easier to add remote monitoring to your business.

The Anaren Wireless Monitoring Kit provides everything for your monitoring needs

The kit comes with all of the hardware necessary to get started, with installation and setup in as little as 15 minutes. Each kit includes:

  • AWM Gateway
  • AWM Pod(s) 
  • AWM Sensor(s)

View the Wireless Monitoring Kit's product page for additional system information.

The cellular gateway sends sensor data to the cloud, and also sends status and alarm text messages to connected mobile phones. Small and easy to install in a number of places and configurable directly from the cloud, the gateway can continuously monitor up to 16 temperature sensors for universal monitoring in as many places as you need.

Wireless Monitoring Gateway

The pod is a wireless device that connects to temperature sensors and monitors your equipment at a distance. Pods are placed on or near the equipment to be monitored to extend the reach of how far the system can monitor. Able to communicate with the gateway from hundreds of feet away, it continuously sends temperature data to the gateway to keep a constant stream of information readily available. Pods can connect to up to four temperature sensors at once, giving you the benefit of maximizing your monitoring potential in every piece of equipment. 

Wireless Monitoring Pod

Featuring a 15 foot wire, the sensor can plug directly into the gateway or into a wireless pod. Very small and easily concealed, the sensor can be installed easily and effortlessly while providing immediate monitoring capabilities in your equipment. Highly accurate, this sensor will ensure that the exact temperatures and humidity recorded are readily available, while also knowing when an issue arises to have an alert sent to the gateway.

Wireless Monitoring Sensor
  • Includes cellular gateway to communicate with the Verizon network
  • Precise temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Operates uninterrupted for up to 24 hours in the event of a power outage with battery backups
  • Includes local short-range wireless pods for connection of sensors hundreds of feet away
  • Store-and-forward capability of data storage, ensuring reporting accuracy and compliance in the event of a power outage
Alarming and Reporting
  • Immediately sends text message alerts to designated mobile phones if a temperature is detected outside of user set limits
  • Alarm history is stored on the cloud, which can then be used for analysis and understanding data patterns and equipment behaviors
  • Cloud features a robust user interface for online reporting tools, such as data graphing and spreadsheet exporting
  • Cloud is accessible 24/7/365 for remote access anytime
Access the Cloud Anywhere

Access the Anaren Cloud. Anytime. Anywhere.

Check equipment status, monitor food temperatures, change settings, graph temperature patterns, download report spreadsheets, and much more. Access the cloud from your computer or mobile device and enjoy the peace of mind by seeing exactly what goes on with your inventory at all times. 

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