Use the Bluetooth Smart Development Kit alongside Atmosphere for the development of your Bluetooth Smart applications, connecting the kit to your mobile device! Featuring the AIR for Bluetooth Smart A20737 module and several sensors to test a variety of peripherals, this kit turns your mobile device into a remote control for a countless IoT applications. From smart home controls to lighting systems to fitness trackers, the Bluetooth Smart Development Kit will quickly and easily have your IoT products heading from development to deployment!


If you have an idea for a Bluetooth-enabled IoT solution, we have the answer in the Bluetooth Smart Development Kit. Designed for short-range, small footprint applications, this kit is ideal for developers looking to get an edge in the exploded market of Bluetooth Smart IoT devices.

  • Numerous sensors for testing peripherals, including an accelerometer, digital compass, infrared temperature sensor, buzzer, tri-color LED, and joystick
  • Contains a coin cell battery holder for alternative power
  • Support for various peripheral interfaces, including UART, SPI, I²C, USB, PWM, GPIO, and ADC
  • Two single row pin headers can be soldered down to gain access to all pins on the AIR for Bluetooth Smart A20737 module
  • USB 2.0 cable (type A to micro B)
  • Provides great out-of-the-box experience through an initial interactive demo, getting you started within fifteen minutes
  • Excellent educational tool for developers of all skill levels of Bluetooth Smart expertise
  • Allows a clear and easy-to-understand migration path from development to production
  • Supported by the Anaren Atmosphere development platform for rapid prototyping and development testing
  • Industrial controls and monitoring
  • Remote controls
  • Home and building automation
  • Lighting systems
  • Low power wireless sensor networks
  • Health and wellness
  • Sports monitoring
  • Consumer electronics

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