Develop and test Wi-Fi applications created in Atmosphere with the Anaren Atmosphere Wi-Fi Cloud IoT Development Kit. This kit uses an innovative stacked design featuring two separate boards: the A43364 Development Board that embeds the A43364 AIR for Wi-Fi module, and the Multi-Sensor Shield that includes a variety of sensors used to test various peripherals.

The A43364 Development Board and Multi-Sensor Shield both feature an Arduino-compatible footprint -- able to be plugged into an Arduino as a Wi-Fi shield and sensor shield, respectively -- offering the ability to use either board individually with an Arduino for complete cross-platform compatibility.


Take your IoT concept to the next level with the Wi-Fi Cloud IoT Development Kit. Whether you are looking for cloud connectivity, industrial monitoring, smart home appliances or more, this kit will get you where you need to be and bring your solution to life.

A43364 Development Board

  • Embeds an AIR for WICED A43364 Wi-Fi module
  • Support for various peripheral interfaces, including UART, SPI, I²S, I²C, USB, CAN, JTAG, GPIO, and ADC
  • Arduino-compatible footprint allows the board to act as a Wi-Fi shield while it is plugged into an Arduino
  • The numerous jumpers can be connected directly to the same Arduino pins for cross-platform functionality

Multi-Sensor Shield

  • Includes several sensors for fast and easy interaction, featuring an accelerometer, digital compass, joystick, infrared temperature sensor, tri-color LED, and buzzer
  • Contains a GPIO expander
  • Arduino-compatible footprint, so these sensors can be tested while the shield is plugged into an Arduino
  • Provides a great out-of-the-box experience complete with a sample app for easy sensor demonstration
  • The A43364 Development Board and Multi-Sensor Shield both feature an Arduino-compatible footprint for cross-platform compatibility
  • Provides an excellent development tool for all levels of Wi-Fi expertise
  • USB 2.0 cable (type A to micro B) and external power adapter provided
  • Supported by the Anaren Atmosphere development platform for rapid prototyping and development testing
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Smart cities
  • Building and home automation
  • Automation and Control
    • Optimized resource consumption
    • Process optimization
  • Information and analysis
    • Sensor-driven decision analytics
    • Behavior tracking
    • Situational awareness

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