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...with the Anaren Atmosphere IoT Development Platform


IoT Without the Wild Ride


Dream it. Then get to work -- sort of. "Hardware development" on a sensor pre-filled board let's you formulate your approach for your new IoT product - using Bluetooth Smart or Wi-Fi, often within hours. Your cost - roughly $40. You saved: One hardware developer and two months of effort and perhaps $40,000.


Use the cloud-based Atmosphere development platform to prototype your new project using only drag-and-drop. Guess what? Your embedded system code is created for you from existing "elements" - plus - your mobile application is created for you simultaneously! Your cost: Only your imagination and a few hours of your time. You saved: one mobile applications engineer, one software engineer, and another two months of development effort - plus perhaps another $40,000. Not bad.


And now you're ready to take your prototype into production - except you need a cloud instance first. The built-in cloud development tool is already at your fingertips. Once again, all you do is drag and drop and your IoT product is cloud accessible for you to market or monetize. And yes, you saved countless hours and dollars.

Who wouldn't want to live here??

To get to easy street in an IoT world, you have choices.  Many exits. We suggest you take this one:

The brand new Anaren Wi-Fi Development Kit 1


Your idea for an embedded IoT connected device needs to be prototyped easily, quick, and made production ready -- all at the lowest cost. We suggest you begin with Anaren's Bluetooth Smart or Wi-Fi development kits like this one, arduino-compatible and complete with a multi-sensor shield. Of course it's powerful and best of breed. With an STM32F412 ARM Cortex-M4 microprocessor. Sample applications and a great out of the box experience let you start development immediately. It's a brand new release -- and nothing else even comes close to it.

If you're a sensor developer and would like to see your sensor as part of the Anaren family, visit our Partners Page to learn more.

The Anaren Atmosphere Online development platform. Screenshot shows the drag and drop view on the left and the mobile app design on the right. 2


You thought about it. Now build it!

Log on to the Atmosphere cloud-based development platform and get started. It's free! Once you take a minute to set up your account, you're ready to enable IoT capabilities on Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi devices. The Atmosphere platform easily lets you prototype your ideas by dragging functions (like button pushes) and devices (like LEDs) from the graphical element toolbox onto your work space. Use your mouse to connect a button element to an LED with a flick of the wrest and you've built your first "Hello World" application. All this, without writing a single snippet of code!

Remarkably, the mobile device application (you choose if you need it for a table or phone) is simultaneously created and visible on the right-hand side of the Atmosphere platform. Naturally, the layout on the mobile screen is also drag-and-drop -- move elements around, add backgrounds and text -- everything can be customized.




From your very first "Hello World" example to the most complex project you can conceive, chances are that every answer to your questions along the way are already answered in the Atmosphere Wiki. Plus, there's a forum!

Get Your Head in the Cloud

Yeah, it's out there.

Now you've got the app, the embedded device -- and maybe a ton of data to mine for function or revenue. Anaren gives you a cloud instance to pull that off -- easily. 3


Anaren's cloud hosting platform provides you a way to send, store, and display data from an Anaren module. Cloud hosting is used alongside the Atmosphere development platform.

Now you can enable connectivity for a module, build the functionality of a mobile interface, and send its data to be hosted on the cloud.

Build your IoT solution from thought, to concept, to completion.

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