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Discover Anaren's Partnership Program and provide a broader customer audience for your services. Whether you're a hardware manufacturer, solutions firm, electronics distributor or other IoT industry, it's the perfect way to differentiate and maximize your solutions in the expanding IoT market.

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Sensor Partners

Anaren sensor partners are among the most distinguished companies in the industry. As a sensor partner, you can add your sensor portfolio to the Atmosphere Element Library, opening the door to valuable benefits to extend your customer reach and add value in your service offerings by partnering with a company committed to driving integrated solutions.

Hardware Partners

Partnering with Anaren allows both your company and ours to accelerate product deployment through integrated hardware development. Whether you are a sensor manufacturer or an Internet of Things company creating a fully deployed end product, working with Anaren will help your products reach market cheaper and faster than ever.

Deployment Services Partners

If you need a little additional help taking your IoT solution into deployment, consider working with one of our proven, reputable, and capability-rich deployment partners. From hardware design to custom mobile and cloud solutions, our deployment partners offer an array of services to ensure your solution can be taken to the next level.

Sales Partners

Integrating Anaren's innovative range of products and solutions will strengthen any sales portfolio looking to gain an edge in the electronics and Internet of Things industries. Adding an industry leader in Anaren will help you gain traction in these constantly-evolving markets.

Distribution Partners

Partnering with Anaren as a distributor elevates the presence of your storefront traffic through providing Anaren modules, development kits, and wireless monitoring solutions. If you are an electronics distributor looking to expand your collection of IoT offerings, Anaren will help you get there. 

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