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Take advantage of Anaren's robust line of monitoring systems

Anaren wireless monitoring systems are suitable for a wide range of markets and applications where the accurate, continuous, and remote monitoring of environmental factors are critical. Whether it is food safety, pharmaceuticals, distribution, or any other industry, you are taken care of with Anaren solutions.

Why monitor?

Valuable inventory. Costly infrastructure. Critical operations and equipment. Wireless temperature monitoring can help manage and protect them.

Each year, billions of dollars in business investments are lost when refrigerators fail to refrigerate. When data centers overheat or lose power. And when greenhouses, distilleries, paper storage facilities, pharmacies, and countless other climate-sensitive locations fall out of acceptable ranges for variables that can affect performance.

Knowing when failures happen can prevent these devastating losses. Even better, constant monitoring of such business-critical conditions can often prevent such failures before they happen. The problem is you and your staff can’t be everywhere at once, at all times. The good news is a monitoring system from Anaren can be so you don't have to. Incorporate an Anaren system into your business and ensure you are taken care of.

Typical applications for remote monitoring systems include:

  • Food service establishments, including restaurants, school districts, government and corporate facilities, and hospitality
  • Walk-in/reach-in refrigeration, such as refrigerated distribution centers, grocers, and convenience stores
  • Medical and pharmaceutical temperature-controlled storage
  • Temperature-controlled storage rooms and warehouses
  • Breweries, distilleries, and other points in the beverage supply chain
  • Paper, metals, electronics, and food storage facilities
  • Long-term storage facilities

Protect your inventory with Anaren monitoring systems

Anaren offers two fantastic monitoring solutions, able to meet your monitoring needs while offering peace of mind.

Wireless Monitoring Kit for Food Safety

Wireless Monitoring System

The Wireless Monitoring Kit for Food Safety is the latest monitoring solution available from Anaren. With enhanced monitoring and cloud capabilities, this is the ideal temperature monitoring system for the food safety industry.

FA2 Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring System

FA2 System

The FA2 Cellular Machines system is perfect for a wide range of industries, anywhere there is an asset that must be managed or maintained in a controlled environment. If you have a need for remote monitoring solutions, the FA2 is right for you.