Anaren's revolutionary Atmosphere development platform, redefining sensor-to-server connectivity.

Introducing Atmosphere 2.0, the next generation of Anaren's innovative development platform.

Now including several new features and elements, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the cutting-edge Anaren Atmosphere Cloud, the Atmosphere ecosystem offers you a complete end-to-end IoT solution with unlimited development possibilities.

New Features

Explore the wealth of new features added into Atmosphere to improve your IoT development.

Get Connected to the Cloud

Use cloud elements in the new Cloud View tab to quickly connect your Atmosphere project to Atmosphere Cloud, sending data from your embedded system to the cloud for a cohesive sensor-to-server solution.

Choose Your Connectivity Option

Create either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Smart projects, giving you the flexibility to develop an IoT application that meets your needs. 

Sensor Selection From the Best Manufacturers

Expand your project's capabilities with a wide range of new sensor libraries from STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Bosch Sensortec, NXP Semiconductors, and more.

Drag-and Drop Functionality at its Finest

With the vast library of elements new and old, drag and drop them into the platform to quickly and easily create your application. 

View the complete list of features and updates added in to Atmosphere on the Atmosphere wiki.


Atmosphere Cloud


Anaren's cutting-edge cloud, hosting your embedded system data on an efficient and customizable user interface.

The complete cloud solution for your IoT needs

Anaren's Atmosphere Cloud is a free cloud hosting client that works in tandem with Atmosphere, providing you with the ability to send and store your embedded system data to the cloud and display it in a variety of ways.

Together, Atmosphere and Atmosphere Cloud provide a complete sensor-to-server ecosystem with an AIR module, an IoT solution only available with Anaren.

Cloud Connected

Add a cloud connectivity layer in your IoT product and turn it into a complete solution by connecting your embedded system to Atmosphere Cloud – for free. Users can have up to five devices connected to Atmosphere Cloud at once, with up to 250MB of data storage. 

Widget Wizard

Atmosphere Cloud's user interface is customizable through the use of widgets, offering numerous options for how data data is viewed and providing flexibility to analyze data exactly how you like.

Data Analysis

View, analyze, and understand your data with the widgets for a live, up-to-the-second monitoring solution. All data is accessible for download for further reporting.

Build your IoT solution from thought, to concept, to completion.

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