Wireless temperature monitoring just got easier

Easily integrate remote monitoring into your industry with Anaren's FA2 Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring System.

FA2 Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring System

The easy-to-deploy, cost-effective, and reliable way to remotely monitor what matters to you.

Anaren's FA2 Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring Kit perfect for a wide range of industries, anywhere there is an asset that must be managed or maintained in a controlled environment. If you have a need for remote monitoring solutions, the FA2 is right for you. 

Take action today and protect your assets

With the FA2 Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring Kit, you have a universal and wireless monitoring solution that uses nationwide cellular networks to send sensor-based text messages and data over-the-air to your mobile phone, all while providing cloud support.

Wireless monitoring in real time, all the time

Easily deployed, highly reliable, and cost-effective, this system monitors your facilities, equipment, and inventory 24/7 based on the factors and settings important to you.

Get notifications sent right to your phone

Should something go wrong, an immediate text message alert is sent to you through the system's cellular network, allowing you to take the steps to fix the problem and protect your valuable assets.

Store temperature data on the cloud

Data is continuously recorded and stored on the Cellular Machines cloud for analysis, reporting, and preventative maintenance assistance. It's never been easier to add remote monitoring to your business.

The FA2 Temperature Monitoring Kit includes all of your monitoring needs

The kit comes with all of the hardware necessary to get started, with installation and setup in as little as 15 minutes. Each kit includes:

  • One control station
  • Wireless pods (numbers vary based on system customization)
  • Temperature sensors (numbers vary based on system customization)
  • Accessories, including the power supply, hardware installation kit, and quick start guide
  • Credentials to the Anaren cloud for 24/7 remote monitoring access

Anaren also offers a variety of data plans so you can choose the plan that suits your needs. Each data plan includes unlimited text messages and data transfers, access to your own secure cloud server page for data logging, and free over-the-air system updates.

View the FA2 Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring Kit's product page for additional system information.

How it works

Our wireless temperature monitoring sensors are placed in the locations to be monitored (such as a refrigerator, cold storage room, etc.), and readings are sent wirelessly to a control station which logs data hourly to a cloud server. If an out-of-limits condition is observed (such as a high temperature alarm), the control station sends text message alarms immediately to connected mobile phones to alert users of the problem. Here is an example of how the system works once installed:

Install your control station at a central location and place your sensors in the locations you wish to monitor.

FA2 Installation

Turn on the control station, which will automatically locate and connect to your cellular network. Then enter the mobile number(s) you would like text message notifications to be sent to.

FA2 Instant Cellular Connection

Enter the desired monitoring limits into the control station to establish what constitutes normal operation and what constitutes abnormal operation in order to trigger an alarm.

FA2 Configuration

Your system’s data automatically begins logging to the Cellular Machines cloud server, which can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Your kit will include unique login credentials for you, which you can update or manage as you wish.

FA2 Cloud Connectivity

Begin receiving optional daily messages to your phone that show normal operation, and alarm messages if your system detects a temperature outside of your set conditions.

FA2 Installation Complete
FA2 Temperature Monitoring Kit

Is a Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring System right for you?

Whether the context is a pharmacy, hospital, distribution facility, restaurant, or other location -- maintaining inventory or equipment temperature is critical to the success of the business. View our relatable case histories and testimonials below, or read our helpful support links to see how remote monitoring can improve your business.

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