Connect With AIR

Enable connectivity for your IoT solution with Anaren's wide range of AIR modules, development kits, and remote monitoring solutions. With numerous protocols available and fitting within the smallest designs in the industry, our products will get you connected quickly and easily.

FA2 Temperature Monitoring Kit

Temperature Monitoring Kit Unboxed
  • All-in-one remote temperature monitoring solution
  • Monitors refrigerators, coolers, freezers, and other temperature-sensitive assets
  • Sends status and alert text messages for normal and abnormal temperature conditions
  • Data sent directly to the cloud for review, analysis, and corrective measures
  • Protects your valuable inventory and helps protect you from liability
  • Reduces costs and eliminates inaccuracies from manual reporting

FA2 Temperature Monitoring Kit Accessories

Temperature Sensor
  • Expand monitoring capabilities for your Temperature Monitoring Kit
  • Add wireless pods, temperature sensors, and more to your kit