If you are looking for a connectivity option for your product, AIR modules can help. With Anaren's wide range of AIR products, the possible applications are limitless. See examples below of AIR modules are used within a variety of industries, and they can easily be integrated into yours as well.

Are you using AIR modules in your product? Let us know and we can add your application to the list!

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Avant Garde Acoustic Zero1 Speaker System

Talk about a ‘sound’ use of our AIR modules in a great application: Check out the Zero 1 horn loudspeaker from the innovators at Lautertal, Germany-based Avant Garde Acoustic (in partnership with Holm Acoustics)!

Featuring Anaren’s AIR audio module with PurePath audio for digital-quality wireless sound, this unique and brand-new system is a more integrated, compact and simple, and yet a veritable horn loudspeaker. As described on the company’s website:

The ZERO 1 is a dream come true—one that we have shared with many friends of our horn loudspeaker factory for over twenty years. After all, as fascinated, moved and amazed as we may be by our larger acoustic transducers, we have always longed for a more compact horn loudspeaker to make the incomparable experience of Avantgarde Acoustic accessible to a wider audience of audio enthusiasts. The ZERO 1 opens up this new road with a revolutionary design, simplified shape, hassle-free setup and fully integrated processor and amplifier technology.

  • Compact size and purist design: Despite its clear, simplified shape and compact size, the ZERO 1 is full of self-confidence as it seamlessly integrates itself into its owner‘s living environment. Moreover, its recessed spherical wave horn is a perfect example of no-frills functionalism. 
  • Fully active all-in-one system: The ZERO 1 is a fully active all-in-one system, ready to be fed an acoustic signal. All of an audiophile stereo system’s components — digital processors, analogue-to-digital converters, power amplifiers and the loudspeaker—are integrated in the ZERO 1. Moreover, they are all of level of high-end quality that is unprecedented in its class.
  • Plug & Play installation: The loudspeakers communicate with each other via a radio link. They only need to be connected to the mains and the digital input of the master loudspeaker to the music signal (e.g. wirelessly via AirPort Express* or directly via USB, Toslink, SPDIF or the AES/EBU interface). That‘s it.

“The AIR A8520 module was chosen for its quality radio link delay and 1:1 bit-perfect audio streaming,” says Holm Acoustics principal, Thomas Holm. “Keeping a 160 nanosecond consistency in delay is a seldom seen feature in wireless audio streaming, and the AIR module was selected for the ZERO 1 project for this way-above-the-normal quality.”

Gadmel Elderly Monitoring System

The AIR team is excited to announce that our 868MHz and dual band AIR modules have been designed into an exciting, new monitoring system for the elderly that is being developed the GADMEL company (a partner of Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, located in Gdynia, Poland). The aim of the project is to make life easier and safer for elderly patients and their caregivers. 

More specifically, the GADMEL system is an autonomous system that is easy to install in the house of an elderly person. It consists of a GSM gateway and wireless sensors placed on every-day objects like medicine cabinet doors, bathroom or basement doors, wheelchairs/walkers, or other items that can benefit from ‘tracking.’ Based on data collected from sensors, the gateway sends a “text” (aka: SMS message) to caregivers, family members, or other appointed parties at set intervals. The text can either inform the recipient about activity -- or can send an alarm based on the inactivity of the elderly, as well. (In the application shown here, the sensor is placed on an apartment’s main door – to alert the caregiver that the door has been opened.)

The system will be available in several versions, including a GSM gateway with e-paper display and audible signal that will remind the elderly patient to take his/her medicine.

“We selected Anaren’s AIR module for the wireless communication aspect of our system because it offers ultra-small footprint, very low current consumption in sleep mode and ETSI compliance,” says Michał Gadaj, Owner at GADMEL

Mirus Golf Trolley

We’re proud that Mirus Golf has selected our A2500R24C00GM AIR modules to bring wireless functionality to its new, super-sleek family of electric golf trolleys! Remarkable for its clean, curved shape -- the revolutionary carbon-fiber construction and ergonomic design of the Mirus trolley will turn heads everywhere it’s used. 

In addition to an optional remote control (where our AIR modules come into play!) -- the Mirus Golf trolley’s features include:

  • Unique design in shiny or matt finish
  • World’s only full-carbon body and wheels
  • Highly stable and extremely stiff carbon frame
  • Choice of 10 colors for the trolley’s anodized aluminum parts
  • Personalized with your name
  • Internal wiring only – for clutter-free appearance
  • Easy control with 2 illuminated buttons
  • Mechanical free-run
  • Optional remote control from up to 20m away
  • Compact storage dimensions: 800 x 600 x 250mm
  • Lightweight frame + wheels: only 8kg
  • Transport bag included
  • High-precision, height-adjustable, and ergonomic steering arm
  • Li-Akku 24V/12Ah Lithium battery (the market’s most powerful!) – easily powers the trolley for 36-54 holes, depending on course elevations
  • Integrated, carbon construction score-card holder
  • Delivery time for full custom version of only 4-6 weeks

“We chose Anaren’s A2500R24C00GM AIR module because of easy implementation, good reliability, great technical support from Anaren team and low price” says Klemen Grosek, Chief Technical Officer of Mirus.

Ramos Alarm Clock

We are pleased to highlight that Ramos Alarm Clock located in Hoboken, NJ is using our 915MHz AIR modules to create a sleek and innovative alarm clock.

Ramos alarm clocks use a remote "Defuse Panel" that is located away from the clock in order to turn off an alarm. This forces you out and far away from your bed and to the remotely-located Defuse Panel, where you will have to enter a code. You'll then have to use your brain to figure out the right code which will help with waking up.

Best of all, after you turn off the alarm, you’ll find yourself in your bathroom or kitchen and away from the bed and ready to start your day!

"Anaren's been a great help to us starting from development and we appreciate the exceptional service along with the modules themselves. The AIR modules are absolutely great." - Paul Sammut, Owner/Founder

Tekscan Remote Triggering Solution

We’re excited to note that Tekscan located in Boston, MA is using our 2.4GHz AIR modules to provide “remote triggering” capabilities for members of its product family.

Tekscan’s sensors and systems provide critical force and pressure data in various environments like research and development, quality assurance, and testing. Other environments include human and animal health care along with research settings worldwide; you may most noteably recognize Tekscan as the sensor innovator behind the Dr. Scholl’s orthotic kiosk.

In this example, Tekscan is using the Anaren AIR based wireless connection for users to control pressure recordings from a distance and synchronize the start and stop of data collection with other devices.