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Anaren IoT Group

Anaren’s Internet of Things (IoT) Group offers a range of wireless devices, cloud software, and integrated sensor-to-cloud solutions to IoT developers and commercial customers.


Since 2010, Anaren has shipped millions of pre-certified RF modules worldwide, using Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and proprietary technologies. We are proud to announce two new additions to the IoT Group family: the Atmosphere 2.0 development platform with an integrated cloud, and Anaren’s latest AIR module -- the A43364 Wi-Fi module -- and its associated Wi-Fi Cloud IoT Development Kit. Click here for Atmosphere or Wi-Fi kit info.


Anaren Atmosphere is the company’s revolutionary cloud-based software platform that allows IoT developers to create and deploy embedded, mobile, and cloud applications faster than anything currently available. Atmosphere's innovative drag-and-drop interface and rich toolkit, combined with its Amazon Web Services (AWS)-powered cloud hosting service allows developers to quickly build complete end-to-end IoT solutions. Think and design your ideas with the Atmosphere development platform. Build your ideas into workable and rapidly deployable solutions using Anaren's full range of Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi modules. Then create and connect your own cloud instance and be market ready within weeks instead of months. Best of all, the IoT Group is standing by to help you at every stage of your product's development.


Leveraging its own Atmosphere development environment and RF engineering expertise, Anaren offers customers complete sensor-to-cloud IoT solutions for a variety of vertical industries and application use cases. Anaren's next generation wireless monitoring solution, the Wireless Monitoring Kit, delivers a turnkey solution optimized for the retail and food services industry. Anaren Wireless Monitoring helps organizations comply with important federal requirements, including HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) procedures and FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) regulations.  

The Atmosphere Development Ecosystem

The Atmosphere development platform is an ecosystem – an umbrella solution toolbox with specific ways for handling different protocols, a large variety of modules and sensors, development kits, wireless monitoring solutions, and of course, the ability to “drop a line” down to your unique application from the Atmosphere Cloud.

Monitoring solutions for your needs

Anaren offers the ideal remote monitoring systems for food safety, walk-in refrigeration, pharmaceuticals, and much more. Get rid of manual monitoring and upgrade to a robust monitoring solution today. 

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