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AIR for CC2530

Anaren's AIR modules for CC2530 offer eOEMs looking to deploy a wireless network based on CC2530, the easiest, most cost-effective path forward. Whether your wirelessly linked product will be part of a simple point-to-point application, or a complex, multi-node and IP-addressable network, Anaren offers a total solution that helps you at every step of your wireless implementation! Our 2.4GHz modules are FCC (USA) and IC (Canada) certified. Depending on their intended environment, they are particularly well-suited for short-range, high-throughput applications or situations requiring a high density of nodes.

The A2530E24AZ1 is a high-performance IEEE 802.15.4 RF module that incorporates the Texas Instruments CC2530 transceiver chip in the industry’s smallest package (11 x 19 x 2.5 mm). The module incorporates a crystal, the required RF matching and filtering for regulatory compliance, plus filtering on select digital lines for better noise reduction and sensitivity. The module operates in the global unlicensed 2.4GHz ISM/SRD frequency band. These radio modules are ideal for achieving low power wireless connectivity without having to deal with extensive protocol, RF design, and regulatory compliance, allowing quick time to market. The modules are 100% tested to provide consistent performance.

The modules come as SoC versions with or without a range extender (A2530E24XZ1 and A2530R24XZ1 respectively), with the range extender module incorporating a Texas Instruments CC2591 range extender. The modules also come in integral antenna and U.FL connectorized versions. The A2530X24A-LPZ is an AIR module BoosterPack kit for the MSP430 Value Line or Tiva-C (previously Stellaris) LaunchPad Development Kit. 

  • 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant RF transceiver
  • Excellent receiver sensitivity and robustness to interference (-95dBm average)
  • Wide input voltage range (2.2V – 3.6V)
  • Low current consumption
  • High-performance and low-power 8051 microcontroller core with code prefetch
  • 256KB in-system programmable flash and 8KB RAM with retention in all power modes
  • Preloaded with Anaren’s AIR-ZNP firmware, based on the TI Z-Stack
  • Supports SPI and UART communication
  • Driver library included for MSP430 and Tiva C MCUs, which abstracts functionality
  • Over 30 code examples for a paired MCU included to demonstrate functionality

For complete features and specifications of each module and development board, view their respective documents.

  • Minimal RF engineering experience necessary
  • Easy to program and implement, short design cycle
  • No additional “Intentional Radiator” certification required (FCC 15.247, IC RSS-210, EN 300 328)
  • Suitable for export (ECCN 5A002.a.1 per CCATSG147235) and is eligible for license exception under
  • sections 740.17(A) and (B)(3) of the EAR
  • Minimal real estate required
  • Easily implemented on a two layer PCB
  • No additional harmonic filtering required
  • 100% RF-tested in production
  • Common footprint for similar products in family
  • No additional DC decoupling required
  • Includes IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Timer
  • CSMA/CA hardware support
  • Accurate Digital RSSI/LQI support
  • Battery monitor and temperature sensor
  • AES security co-processor
  • ZigBee Light Link control systems
  • ZigBee systems
  • Home and building automation
  • Lighting systems
  • Low-power wireless sensor networks
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial control and monitoring

AIR Certification Requirements Guide

Looking to integrate AIR modules into your product? View our guide on ETSI requirements to ensure you meet all certification needs.

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Part No. Order Documents Frequency (GHz) Size (In/mm) Use Antenna Type Regulatory Approval Packaging (qty) Additional Function(s)
A2530E24AZ1 Buy 2.4 - 2.4835 11.0 x 19.0mm Production Integral FCC, IC Reel (500), Tray (27) Range Extender
A2530E24CZ1 Buy 2.4 - 2.4835 11.0 x 19.0mm Production Connector FCC, IC Reel (500), Tray (27) Range Extender
A2530R24AZ1 Buy 2.4 - 2.4835 11.0 x 19.0mm Production Integral FCC, IC Reel (500), Tray (27) (No Range Extender)
A2530R24CZ1 Buy 2.4 - 2.4835 11.0 x 19.0mm Production Connector FCC, IC Reel (500), Tray (27) (No Range Extender)

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