Military-Qualified RF Components

Combiners/Dividers - Caseless

Anaren offers a wide range of military-grade components for use in the toughest of defense applications. Our aluminum-cased and caseless products are ideal solutions for when connectorized components are preferred to surface-mount technology, and offer a terrific balance of ruggedness, cost-efficiency, reliability, and performance.

Our line of caseless military-grade combiners and dividers meet MIL-E 5400 Class 3 requirements and handle up to 100 watts. They feature a four-way power split, and ideal for usage with microstrip circuits, LO networks, switch networks, balanced detectors, and antenna feeds.

To view the conversion chart for return loss vs. voltage standing wave ratio, download the chart application note.

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Application Notes

Get deeper information on each of our military-qualified components with our catalog of cased and caseless component application notes.

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Part No. Order Documents Frequency (GHz) Power (W) Size (In/mm) Port Impedance (Ω) Return Loss (VSWR) Max:1 Insertion Loss (dB) Amplitude Balance (+/- dB) Phase Balance (+/- °) Isolation (dB)
40170 Buy 0.70 - 1.4 100 3 x 0.9 in 50 1.3 0.6 1 3 18
40600 Buy 0.965 - 1.565 100 3 x 0.9 in 50 1.3 0.6 0.9 3 20

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